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Breakfast (B1. ait restaurant)

Breakfast Guide

Location: B1 Ait Restaurant 

Time: 7:30 am. to 9:30 am.

Advance reservations required (Please apply for your front desk staff)

Tel) 82.2.417.2700





Duck Restaurants (2F. Nolboo restaurant)

Sulfur Duck (roasted mud)

Baked healthy food and medicinal herbs for the third time to duck into a clay into the rice.



Use the domestic duck.

Ducks are easier to digest unsaturated fatty acids.

The unusually alkaline foods, also supply vitamins.

Since ancient times it has been loved by most health food.

Nolboo Duck Restaurant

Location: 2F Nolboo Restaurant 

Time: 11:00 am. to 22:00 pm.

Advance reservations required 

Tel) 82.2.431.5292


KRW 61,000

To eat food before your reservation for 3 hours.

KRW 49,000 (Large)  / KRW 33,000 (Medium)


Smoked Duck BBQ

Savory flavor! The Duck favorite of all ages.



It is a popular food for many foreigners.

You may feel a strong flavor and aroma of smoked.

Enjoy smoked BBQ comparable to the meal!

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