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Lotte World, Department Store


Represented by the Lotte world, Lotte department store

Jamsil in 5 Min.


Lotte world the most popular theme park for international tourists and native koreans alive, has finally reopened folldwing six months of renovations. While no major changes were made, over 9 billion won was invested in the development of character musical and laser shows, along with increased security, which was its top priority.


Overall, Lotte world consists of adventure, a fully air-conditioned indoor theme park, and magic island, an outdoor theme park. 


COEX Center


Business center, Samsung-dong, a 5-minute drive vehicle.


The COEX, convention and exhibition center is a large-scale business town established on september 7,1988 primarily for domestic and overseas businessman.


Business operations can be managed easily as assembly halls, exhibition halls, the Korean City Air Terminal, the Intercontinental Hotel, and Hyundai Department Store are assembled in one spot.

Olympic Stadium


The Jamsil Stadium are numerous Kpop concert opens.


Situated in Jamsil-dong, the Seoul Sports Complex was completed in December 1976.


Seoul Olympic Stadium, the centerpiece of the Seoul Sports Complex (also called Jamsil Sports Complex) is surrounded by the Housing Complex for players, Jamsil apartment complex, Hangang River, and Tancheon Stream.


Olympic Park is located from the stadium.


Gangnam, Apgujeong


The start of the Korean Wave. Gangnam Style!


15 minutes from the hotel to the Gangnam sufficient.


The center of fashion and youth!


Business trips and trips to medical Gangnam, Apgujeong is a 15-minute drive from the hotel!

Dongdaemun, Myungdong


Where foreigners visited Korea to visit first!


Dongdaemun and Myeongdong subway and 20 minutes.


To shopping from a variety of food!


Please go to Myeong-dong travel to Seoul City Hall and Gwanghwamun.


Pharos Hotel is your healing journey together.









Pharos Hotel Jamsil is located in the center of business and travel.
Facilities and services tailored to the characteristics of the customers who visited Korea as a high-end hotels and convenience, and natural stylish rooms will offer guest a comfortable and cozy retreat.
Also promise that all former employees to provide the best service for the customer's successful business and travel

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